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About Us

Beyond Beads is Bryant Enactus’ longest running project. With a purpose of promoting environmental and sustainability initiatives in the community around us as well as the entire world.  Our project is a great fit for eco-minded individuals looking to use sustainable business practices to make a real impact in the world and in the lives of people. 


Last Year we worked with the homeless shelter, CrossRoads Rhode Island, where we taught the women of the shelter how to make jewelry from recycled magazine paper.  We also provided them professional development seminars, in hopes of them being able to sell the jewelry on their own.  

Beyond Beads's current innitiative is called Beadforlife.  Beadforlife is a non-profit organization from CO that works with homeless and unemployed women in Uganda to make vibrant jewelry and teach them business skills. Bryant Enactus's role is to help these Ugandan women sell the jewelry and send all proceeds back to them.  The proceeds help send the women to business school.  One statistic provided by the BeadsForLife organization is that 81% of women in the program who start a business are still running the business 2 years later.  

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